Samsung S5830,s5830g, s5830i.

Mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 (GT-s5830), S5830G (GT-s5830g), S5830i (GT-s5830i).

Service manual — download (8mb):
— S5830 Service manual.

Odin Multi Downloader v4.38 — download.

Download the firmware to restore the phone software:
Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 (gt-s5830):
S5830XXJLC (118mb).
S5830XXJLD (113mb).
S5830XXKA7(serKB1) (122mb) Android 2.2.1.
S5830XEKB2 (122mb).
S5830XEKC1 (122mb).
S5830XEKPH (121mb).
S5830XXKP8 (125mb) CSC S5830SERKP8.
S5830XXKP9 (125mb) CSC S5830SERKP9 — Android 2.3.3.
S5830XEKPO (119 mb) — SERKPO — Android 2.3.5.
s5830xeKPP (119 mb) — (S5830XXKPP S5830SERKPP) — Android 2.3.5.
S5830XEKPT (123 mb) — Android 2.3.6. (PDA: S5830XXKPT. CSC: S5830SERKPT (SER — Russia). Modem: S5830XXKPT).
S5830XEKPY (129 mb) — Android 2.3.6. (PDA: s5830XWKPY, CSC: s5830SEKKP6 (SEK), Modem: s5830XWKP8).
S5830XEKR2 (121 mb) — (s5830XWKR2 s5830OXEKP4 s5830XWKS2) — Android 2.3.6.

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830G (gt-s5830g):
S5830GXELG2 (121 mb).
S5830GXEMD1 (123 mb).

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i (gt-s5830i):
s5830iXXKK5 (108 mb) — s5830iXEKK4 (MULTI-CSC-OXEKK4)

Firmware use for programming, it can help restore the software telephone.

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