Samsung E2652.

Mobile phone Samsung Champ Duos E2652 (gt-e2652), E2652w (gt-e2652w).

Service manualdownload.
– GT-E2652W Samsung service_manual.

Download the firmware to restore the phone software:
Champ Duos E2652.
E2652XXKB2 – download (34mb) - E2652OXEKB2_CSC.dffs,

Champ Duos E2652W.
E2652WXXKB4 – download (34mb) - E2652WOXEKB2_CSC.dffs,
E2652WXEKC1 (42mb).
The archive:
– E2652WOXEKB2_CSC.dffs,
– E2652WXXKC1_BIN.fls,
– E2652WXXKC1_CDS.fls,
– E2652WXXKC1_psi_flash.fls,
– E2652WXXKC1_UI_IMAGE.fls,
– Flash Tool E2 ROU.

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