Samsung GT B7722, b7722i

Samsung GT-B7722, B7722i
Mobile phone.

Scheme, Service manual (size ~6 mb)
— gt-B7722, gt-b7722i Service manual.

Download the firmware to restore the phone software (there is a russian language):
B7722iXEJL4 _OXEJL1 — download (163mb).
B7722iXEKA3 (162mb).
B7722iXEKB1 (162mb).
B7722iXEKC2 (162mb).
B7722iXEKK1 (162 mb).
B7722iXELC3 (162 mb).

B7722XEJG6 (156mb) (downloader).
B7722XEJI1 (163mb).
B7722XEJL1 (163mb).
B7722XEKB1 (150mb).
B7722XEKC1 (163mb).
B7722XEKD1 (OXEJH1) (163mb).
B7722XEKK1 (163 mb).
B7722XELC4 — download (163 mb).

Firmware use for programming, it can help restore the software telephone.

Below is a description of the device.

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