SETool, XS++.

Here are the applications for software recovery mobile phone company Sony Ericsson.


SETool2 Lite v1.11download
(the_laser) — the author has released a lightweight version of its product.
Supports the following models:
— DB2010:
K310, K510, K750, W300, W550, W600, W700, W800, W810, Z530, Z550; CID 49/50.
— DB2012:
K310, W200; CID 50/51/52.
— DB2020:
K530, K550, K610, K770, K790, K800, K810, S500, T650, V630, W580, W610, W660, W710, W830, W850, W880, Z610, Z710; CID 52.

— v0.914020.
— v0.914020_to_v0.914028.
— v0.914037.
— v0.915016_to_v0.915021.
— v0.914038_to_v0.914039.
— v0.915030.
— v0.915036.
— v0.915034.
— v0.915038.
— v0.915056.
— v0.915061.
— v0.915062.
— v1.0.
— v1.01.
— v1.02.
— v1.04.
— v1.05.
— v1.06.
— v1.086.
— v1.087.
— v1.088.
— v1.089.
— v1.09.
— v1.102.
— v1.105.
— v1.106.
— v1.107.
— v1.1108.
— v1.1202.
— v1.1203.
— v1.1204 + quickfix — download

— v1.1280:
* fixed m1_aspen flashing;
* fixed flashing of ICS firmwares for 8×55 phones;
* removed java-based altbypass method for all a1 phones,except pnx5230-based phones;
* reset-based unlock method is now standard altbypass unlock method for a1 phones;
you can not use usb as interface for altbypass unlock on db2000,db2010-based phones anymore.
You do not need restoration files,bypass files ( still need them for pnx5230-based phone ).
and … altbypass unlock is much quicker and quite «one-buttoned» now;
* added x1 unlock via codes, all you need — enter IMEI on locks tab and press «request». Cost is 1 credit.

Due to major core rewrite, some bugs can appear in a1 phone service patterns, despite i checked all supported phones
in different modes.
If you will find problems, feel free to report them on forum.

— v1.1286:
* added quite complex, but working procedure to unlock last SEMC A2 phone, j108 cedar from network locks.
beginners, stay away from this procedure;
Other users, welcome to faq for details.
* STE U8500 sony phones supported ( lt22,mt26,st25 ). Standard operations supported — flash, trim area read/write.
Network unlock only supported using s1 signature server, which is offline for us.
STE U8500 support was done blindly, should work, but need to be tested.

— v1.1287:
* fixed unlock problems with some sharp 3g phones;
* added secunits backup during j108 bypass procedure;
* misc cosmetic changes.

— v1.1288:
* fixed a recovery procedure is completely erased X10 phones;
* fixed restoring ESN for the corresponding phone.

— v1.1289:
* fixed unlock android platform;
* fixed a problem of loss of credit when the user has already started to unlock s1 and s1 server became unavailable
in the middle of the process.

— v1.1290:
* added support for msm8960-based somc phones (network unlock only supported via s1 server).

— v1.1291:
* fixed a bug in the procedure for unlocking method altbypass USB phones based on msm7227, qsd8250;
* now, for the J108 folder with the backup will be created during the 2nd stage of the procedure bypass, now do not
need to perform the operation to identify the procedure;
* fixed a bug (theoretically capable of killing some phones) in the procedure by altbypass unlock phones based

— v1.1292:
* added support for msm7225A phones (network unlock require s1 server to be online).

— v1.1293:
* added support for phones based on msm7227A (to unlock the SP necessary to s1 server was in a mode online);
* significantly reduced memory usage PC fleshirovanii s1 phones;
* minor bug fixes.

— v1.1294:
* critical bug fixed: some firmware files for old s1 phones was not accepted;
* added s1v2 lock information;
* some small fixes.

— v1.1295:
* critical bug: HW Config can not be recorded at the time of repair altbypass;
* some minor fixes.

— v1.1296:
* added support for phones based on apq8064 (to unlock the SP requires that the server s1 was in a mode online);
* updated some downloaders;
* fixed minor bugs.

— v1.1297:
* few PDA models added to list;
* some loaders updated;
* small fixes.

— v1.1298:
* added support for phones based on msm8230;
* network unlock available subject to performance s1 server.

— v1.1299:
* verified and fixed msm8230-based phones support;
* fixed altbypass unlock for msm8655-based phones;
* updated some loaders.

— v1.1300:
* added msm8974-based phones support (network unlock requires s1 server to be online);
* small cosmetic fixes.

* added support for phones based on CPU mtk6589 (it’s performed by S1 server, provided that it works).

* fixed errors in the mode altbypass to SEMC A2;
* added several models to prevent confusion users;
* fixed operations altbypass on SEMC DB2020 for USB interface (there were glitches long).

* boot update procedure implemented, this will prevent dead phones/no imei phones
during firmware upgrade/downgrade procedure. Officially approved now on my own z1 phone;
* added msm8226 phones support;
* fixed bug «can’t get S1 hdr» during boot of some phones;
* fixed zlib bug : firmware will not be flashed, if there is not enough space on hard disk, error will be reported.


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