Nokia 2720 fold

Nokia 2720 Fold (rm-519, rm-520)
Mobile phone.

Scheme, Service manual: (56mb)
The archive:
— 2720F RM519 schematics v1;
— 2720Fold RM520 schematics v1;
— 2720fold RM-519 520 Service_Manual L1L2 v1
— 2720fold RM-519 SM L3-4 v1

Download the firmware to restore the phone software:
2720f rm519 09.55 russian (17mb).
2720f rm519 09.85 russian (17mb)
. rm519 CareDP 13.0 NDT 09.85 2720f (38mb) — download.

Firmware use for programming, it can help restore the software telephone.

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