Fly IQ280.

Mobile phone Fly IQ280 Tech.

Scheme, Service manualdownload (size — 5 mb).
Contents of the archive:
— IQ280 Assembly & Disassembly
— IQ 280 One point guide111
— IQ280 Trouble Shooting111
— Layout
— Schematics

Service firmware (there is a russian language)
FLY IQ280 SW06 (2012.02.24) — download (331 mb).
Contents of the archive:
— SW06 FLY IQ280_2012_02_24.skw
— Download the software update russian.doc
— K5 ItemWriter.exe
— skwdl.exe
— SK-S150 V1.0 1801.exe (usb driver)

Fly IQ280 Tech

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  1. SuperUser says:

    Good day! Please tell me how
    to use the program

    Добрый день! Подскажите пожалуйста, как пользоваться программой k5_itemwriter?

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